Rajinikanth about his political plans

Superstar Rajinikanth about political plansSuperstar Rajinikanth about political plans

Superstar Rajinikanth meets his ardent fans after 8 long years, takes pictures and opened up on whether he will join politics or not at Raghavendra Mandapam in Chennai today.

Rajini said that he had only once supported a political party in the past and fans of his and people of Tamil Nadu have made ensured the coalition emerge victorious. Rajini supported DMK-TMC alliance which swept assembly elections of 1996.

Ever since Rajini’s name has been dragged into politics whenever there is elections or political crisis in Tamil Nadu. “People have on several times have misused my name to attain power. Time and again clarified that don’t support anyone. I am not intending to join politics.”, Rajini clarified.

But this time he didn’t entirely rule out the possibility of joining politics. “If I ever join politics, I would not let money minded people and power hungry people to join me. I will keep them away from me. If God decides, I will join politics only for the welfare of the people. As of now, God wants me to entertain people as an actor, which I will do and I am really happy serving the masses in this way”, Superstar added.

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