Review: Keshava – Amazing revenge drama

Review KeshavaReview Keshava

Review: Keshava

Rating: 3.5

Director: Sudheer Varma

Producer: Abhishek Nama

Music Director: Sunny M.R

Starring: Nikhil, Ritu Varma, Isha Koppikar

There has been a lot of positive buzz about the film ever since the first teaser was launched. The filmmakers have also promoted and generated a positive hype around the film. Let’s see the fate of the film.


The story is about Keshava(Nikhil) who is a law college student in the film, avenges the people who kill his family members in a dreadful accident. Keshava then plans and commits to several murders and hence special officer(Isha Koppikar) is assigned to this case. The tale of the film is how Keshava dodges Police and avenges his family members death with the help of Satyabhama(Ritu Varma).

Minus Points:

The story of the film is quite routine, Director Sudheer Varma could have used Keshava’s health issue well and could have shown how tough it was for Keshava to avenge, instead he missed out on such important point which was shown in the first teaser which got a huge buzz in the industry.

Plus Points:

Nikhil no doubt is the biggest positive in the film. The film is out and out Nikhil’s movie. Through this movie, he showed to the world how effortlessly he can carry the role of the man who keeps emotions in check and a strong character. The way he goes about committing the crimes will surely get applauded.

The second biggest point would be the director, Sudheer Varma, who shot the film really well and in a very stylish way. The way reveals the twists in the film will also appeal to the masses and will be appreciated. Vennela Kishore was really good too. Visuals are top notch especially the ones which are taken with Drones keep us in the movie during those action scenes. Diwakar Mani’s work has to be appreciated for sure.


On the whole, if you keep your expectations in check and come up with a clean mind, Keshava will be a stylish revenge drama, which will entertain people for sure. Nikhil once again does not disappoint you and comes up with a different kind of crime thriller.


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