USA ‘Suits’ hits a new milestone

Suits ahead of its new milestoneSuits ahead of its new milestone

Even after having telecasted 99 episodes of Legal drama, Suits team has somehow still managed to surprise us all and keeps us engaged and is making us wait for its milestone “100th” episode.

In the last episode of Suits, “Full Disclosure”, Harvey and Mike get to know the secret Alex Williams, the newest senior partner at Pearson Spectre Litt, has been keeping away from them. Full disclosure, reveals secret in typical Suits way, which is taking down memory lane of Harvey, Louis Litt and Alex williams, where they show origins of the rift of Louis Litt and Harvey Spectre. And also the word given by Harvey spectre to Alex williams to help him in need when the time comes.

Harvey holds himself responsible for the crime which Alex Williams committed and tries to protect him and warns Mike Ross to not to go after the Pro Bono case. However, Mike Ross persuades the case and forces Alex Williams to come and confess his secret to Mike.

“When we were writing the 100th episode, we wanted something special,” he adds. “There are a lot of emotions, and some of our favorite guest characters are back. There’s also another emotional story going on as we find out how Donna (Sarah Rafferty) is affected by Harvey’s being with Paula (recurring guest star Christina Cole). And Louis (Rick Hoffman) has a story line with a character from the long past, and he’s forced to make a decision about what kind of person he is.” explains Rick Muirragui, executive producer, who wrote this episode, 100.


Like all of you, even we are waiting for Suits to reach its new milestone. Keep watching this space for more news.


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