Young hero appeals to centre about GST bill

Allu Sirish on GSTAllu Sirish on GST

Upon Central government’s orders, GST council yesterday decided to unveil four rate bands of 5%, 12%, 18%, 28% as part of GST, which will become active from July 1st. In this part, ET is at 28%, which is coming as a shock to many in the industry. Especially to Telugu movie industry, which has been paying 12% to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This will now lead to huge increase in ticket prices, hence will become difficult for common man to watch movies.

Apparently, several filmmakers from both Telugu and Tamil film industry are in talks with whose who of the GST team and placing a request to reduce the tax. A young hero from Telugu film industry, Allu Sirish, son of Allu Arvind, is the latest to join the people who opposed centre’s new policy.

Allu sirish took to his Twitter account and request the Government to reduce the tax and save the common man from the higher price for movie tickets. He also suggested entire Telugu Film Industry should come together on this issue and take it to Finance ministers.

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